Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Is the case for pre-packs different for quoted companies?

The recent Administration of Media Square (am AIM quoted company) and buyout by its managment throws into light whether a pre-pack process was appropriate in these circumstances.
In the case of a private company the shareholders are often the same as management and will have had opportunity to put further monies in prior to an insolvency process.
In the case of public companies this is not always the case. In the recent demise of Media Square it was announced in 2010 that new banking facilities would only be granted provided that the existing mangement team remained in place, following the AGM. Effectively, shareholders lost the opportunity to appoint management or have the opportunity to put further money into the company in the form of a rights issue. Of course there is nothing technically wrong with this but was it the right thing to do? If the bank was prepared to take a "hair cut" through a pre-pack wouldn't a better option have been to do this coupled with a rights issue and to work with shareholders?
Surely with a quoted company there should be a requirement to ask shareholders if they wish to put up more funds before placing the company into an insolvency procedure?

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Creating SWANS

So what are Swans....well they are Sleep Well At Night companies. Isn't it nice to go to bed thinking that your business is creating value whilst you are asleep....yes it is achievable...find out how.

Monday, 10 October 2011

"Our People" showcased

I feel really privileged that we have so many good people at Secantor, who can work together for the benefit of clients.
Nigel Bacon

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The British Growth Fund

I see the British Growth Fund has recenty made its first investment
£ this the old Investors in Industry reborn...lets hope so!

See the impact Secantor has on its clients -Watch the video

See the impact that Secantor has on its clients

Unique Service Offering for SMEs

I really think the SME marketplace is begining to understand the unique position we hold . We are so much more than a collection of indiviuals offered by part-time finance director companies. What we offer is holistic services for SMEs built around a team based approach, all of which is achieved in a very cost effective way.
Why have the knowledge of one person when you can exploit the knowledge of over 60 on a national basis?

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Client scores a big hit at the Isle of Man TT

Our clients in action

Fantastic Fireworks put on another great display to finish off the Isle of Man TT

They don't just do huge displays. See the vidow below about displays for as little as £1500.