Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Secantor supports Activ8 funding round

Secantor is pleased to support the the latest funding round of Activ8 a ground breaking company in the field of HR analytics.

Organisations these days are more and more dependant upon their human capital for their success. HR analytics takes HR intelligence out of the HR department and into the organisation so that performance becomes transparent. This is at the heart of what Secantor do from a financial perspective, taking a finance function from something that is to do with compliance and upgrading it to  financial intelligence at the heart of the organisation's decision making process.

The "merger" of HR analytics and financial analytics is a "hot topic" and one which Secantor is proud to be involved with.

Not only does Activ8 look at past performance metrics but combines this with predictave technologies to forecast likely outcomes. A powerful tool in assessing the required criteria for individuals that a business is looking to employ. This is is similar to Secantor's financial approach which seeks to build on historic financial information to forecast "what if scenarios" for SMEs. This effectively reduces risk and maximises return.

Let's get HR and Finance working together to add value for organisations!

Nigel Bacon
CEO Secantor