Friday, 8 August 2014

The world has changed

It is often said that nothing really changes but in our world but some things have, and  mainly based around technology.

Externally, for some of our clients this has proved very exciting. Particularly new internet retailing businesses. One of our clients has developed an offshoot retailing business which has grown from nothing to £0.5m turnover in less than 12 months. This particular business is breaking new ground. However, there are many examples of web based retailers "disrupting" traditional businesses all of which gives rise to opportunities, since if businesses don't move forwards and embrace change, they will inevitably go into reverse, and eventually fail. It is often helpful for businesses to obtain support with a strategic review of their business, since management are generally very much involved in operational matters, and don't regularly stand back and look at the broader picture and the opportunities that might await.

It often helps to have someone challenge their thinking and this does not necessarily mean that this person should have deep industry knowledge, but a good grasp of strategic thinking. Many of our people have this sort of training that wraps discipline around an "away day" to add structure and outcomes. Management often appreciate having an objective person to challenge their thinking in a constructive way.

Internally, we have seen substantial benefits from the IT revolution, allowing us to develop communication systems and automation of our business, for the benefits of our associates and clients. Of course, it has also enabled our prospective, and new clients, to better conceptualise our particular slant on outsourcing and the fact that someone might not always be on a clients physical location does not mean that they cannot be involved on client work and be accountable for that work.

All of this leads us to a brighter future with our clients benefitting from cost effective expertise as part of their team.

Nigel Bacon
CEO Secantor
01564 330677