Thursday, 13 March 2014

Government's Growth Voucher Scheme

Should you wish to try and gain Government Financial Assistance for some of our services please apply to the Growth Voucher Scheme.

For businesses looking for advice

Businesses looking for advice can apply to the programme online and they will be randomly assigned to an online questionnaire or face-to-face business advice assessment.

Some businesses will be randomly chosen to get a voucher for up to £2,000 to help pay for business support in one of the specialist areas. You’ll have to match the amount with your own funds. You can then find a Growth Voucher adviser to work with on the Enterprise Nation Marketplace.


We are not a recruitment company, we are a professional services frim/outsourcer dedicated to providing solutions to the SME community.

We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to business. The core of what we do  is providing an "Effective Finance Function", and this can be done in many different ways. Often I am told by prospective clients that they have a great financial controller or financial manager, but the business has got to a size where reliable historic financial information is simply not enough. In order for the business to grasp the opportunities that might lay head there needs to be a firm grip on "planning and control". The easy answer is to overlay a Finance Director. However, mentoring the Financial Controller to step up a level can be the preferred solution. I am often asked "how can I do that when I am already working full on". The answer often lies in helping everyone in financial function to take a step up which then gets us into the area of effective delegation.

For more about mentoring and effective delegation please ring me on 01564 330676.

Nigel Bacon

Strategy Days

Our clients fall mainly within the band of £2m t/o to £50m t/o. Many are either family businesses or entrepreneurial businesses run by owner managers.

Many of these clients lack formal management training, but have created successful businesses through hard work, resilience and robustness. These clients want experienced, qualified and commercial people to help them with Strategy and Finance. We are doing a number of roles with clients where I run strategy away days (usually two sessions per annum) and where we might also run their finance function either through a Finance Director or a Financial Controller (depending on the size of business and the requirement these might be part-time roles). This enables me to keep abreast of how the business is doing and "what drives the numbers", so that I can facilitate a strategy day, and, "hit the ground running".

It is amazing what can be gained by taking a step back and having a helicopter view of the business and the market it operates in. This can also help with exit strategies or succession within a business.

To find out more , ring me on 01564 330676

Nigel Bacon

CEO Secantor